Progressive training


Auxometric training is also called progressive from the load it uses, i.e. the elastic.


The more the latter will be stretched, the muscle will directly develop greater tension during the effort. Precisely for this reason the concentric contraction (often more explosive) will develop the maximum load capacity and muscular endurance; while the eccentric phase (muscle lengthening, unloading the elastic) must be managed with awareness to avoid a too rapid return, thus avoiding running into the "spring" effect.


Simply put, the ability to generate more force at higher speeds will directly lead to more power.


RUSH technology offers the ability to train at high speed with a buildable load.


SpaceWheel Rush can increase the training radius giving athletes the ability to have a resistance of up to 25 meters of output!


This means that athletes can complete multiple consecutive uninterrupted reps for a given mobility exercise.


With only 1 platform it is possible to train more athletes or apply more resistances on the same person.

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