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Who we are, what we do and why we like to do it

Spacewheel is a project born in 2016 from the desire to produce a machine capable of guaranteeing athletes of all ages and levels the best possible training, minimizing the risk of overload trauma and injuries .

Since then, in collaboration with global caliber athletes, coaches and trainers experts in the industry have been developed increasingly sophisticated machinery to bring to pass our dream.

Spacewheel is the sports equipment designed and assembled entirely in Italy that allows you to perform a safe and effective isoinertial and auxotonic training.

Starting from alpine skiing we have broadened our horizons to any sporting activity , to then develop a line of products dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation .

Spacewheel has grown rapidly, starting to export its products all over the world , from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

Despite this, we have kept in touch with all our customers, collecting feedback , listening to proposals and making changes on request to better adapt our product for every need .

Development, research and information are and will always be the basis of our project.



The Spacewheel Team constantly commits time and energy to develop its product in the best possible way to satisfy the most demanding of all: the athlete.

In order to make the exercise extraordinarily effective and safe, we have relied on our thirty years of experience in the sports sector and on the precious advice of trainers, athletes and physiotherapists who use Spacewheel products every day.

The direct communication and the relationship of trust that we try to maintain with our customers is the basis of this continuous research, pillars for the development of a cutting-edge and versatile product.

We base our work on these essential points for us.



All Spacewheel machines are products of the highest quality, obtained through the most suitable materials available on the market.

Our machines are entirely Made in Italy.

All the processes, starting from the painting to the stitching of the accessories, are handcrafted in the upper Canavese, a Piedmont region that has always been a symbol of manufacturing excellence.

The processes follow a process of careful verification in order to obtain maximum performance from each material and guarantee the strength and durability of the tool.

The hands of our artisans are the precious tool through which the Spacewheel machines are born, products of the highest quality at the service of athletes.

Thanks to these precious characteristics, all the products of the isoinertial line have obtained medical certification

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