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How, when and why?

Since 2016 Spacewheel has been pursuing the desire to produce a machine capable of guaranteeing athletes of all ages and levels the best possible training, minimizing the risk of overload trauma and injuries. Since then, in collaboration with athletes of global caliber, technicians in the sector and expert trainers, increasingly advanced machinery has been developed to make our dream come true.



Starting from alpine skiing we have broadened our horizons to any sporting activity, to then develop a line of products dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Today Spacewheel machines are used all over the world by top-level professional athletes as well as by young agonists and amateur sportsmen.

There are no sports that could not benefit from inertial or auxotonic training.

Parallel to the sports sector, Spacewheel has developed its own machines with particular attention to the physiotherapy and rehabilitation vocation of this type of training.

Spacewheel has grown rapidly, starting to export its products all over the world, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.



The Spacewheel Team constantly commits time and energy to develop its product in the best possible way to satisfy the most demanding of all: the athlete.


In order to make the exercise extraordinarily effective and safe, we have relied on our thirty years of experience in the sports sector and on the precious advice of trainers, athletes and physiotherapists who use Spacewheel products every day.


The direct communication and the relationship of trust that we try to maintain with our customers is the basis of this continuous research, pillars for the development of a cutting-edge and versatile product.


We base our work on these essential points for us.



In recent years, the debate around physiotherapy methodologies is increasingly turning to Wellness intended as prevention linked to training.

More and more often, therapies based on muscle re-functionalization are joining the classic ones from the early post-injury stages.


Spacewheel offers machines for any age group, for every level of preparation and athleticism and for all uses: from prevention to rehabilitation.


Discover all Spacewheel isoinertial products that have obtained the medical CE mark and complete your study immediately with the isoinertial method!


The Spacewheel Team is committed every day to researching, designing and testing new solutions in order to further optimize the result of our work.


Although the market has taken us far into the world, we have kept in touch with all our customers, collecting feedback, listening to proposals and making changes on request to better adapt our product to every need.


Development, research and information are and will always be the basis of our project.


Rush is the auxotonic Spacewheel machine for
training and rehabilitation
Possibility of working up to a maximum of 24 meters
distance from the car
Easy modulation of workloads
Up to four working points simultaneously


columns for space optimization



from training to physiotherapy

The Dynamic series is the Spacewheel isoinertial machine line, intended for all phases of physical activity: from preparation to rehabilitation.
The isoinertial exercise involves an improvement of the coordination functions of the body and a complete training in both the muscle stretching phase (concentric phase) and the contraction phase (eccentric phase)


effective and safe auxometric training


The Infinity series is the Spaceweel line of isoinertial columns, intended for all phases of physical activity, for the whole body.

Infinity was born for the optimization of the workspace.

With its extremely versatile models it is also possible to work in two at the same time.

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