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All Spacewheel flywheels are produced and processed in Italy by companies located in the Canavese area , a center of excellence in the steel industry .


Flywheels are applicable to all inertial machines.


To ensure the possibility of a progression of the load during training, the Spacewheel machines are designed to accommodate multiple discs at the same time.

Flywheel size XS ( ø250 mm - 3.9 kg - 0.030 inertia )

Flywheel size S ( ø320 mm - 2.6 kg - 0.032 inertia )

Flywheel size M ( ø320 mm - 3.8 kg - 0.048 inertia )

Flywheel size L ( ø320 mm - 5.0 kg - 0.064 inertia )


The discs are made of powder-coated iron lined with a hot rubber sheath to ensure safety in use and the best possible grip .


The shaft structure and locking method make it possible to replace the disc in seconds .

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