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Since its inception, Spacewheel has sought to offer the best possible product at the most competitive prices on the market. Nevertheless, we know very well how important it is nowadays to keep an eye on the flexibility on payments by our customers.. In recent years, we have developed profitable and safe forms of financing and installments that allow anyone to discover the Spacewheel world without worries. In addition, the desire to make our brand known in the world, has meant that we opened up to rateizzazione methods that can also be supported for our foreign customers.


  • For over 150 years, the Santander brand has been one of the largest groups of credit institutions in the world. As the first bank in the euro area by capitalisation, it represents a guarantee for the Spacewheel brand and its customers.

    The service offered by Spacewheel allows you to take out loans designed for both private individuals and for companies and individual professionals that can be deferred up to a maximum of 60 monthly instalments, with minimum interest or zero rate.




  • Smallpay is an innovative digital payment system that allows payments to be rescheduled, offering the possibility of deferring them to zero interest.

    With Smallpay you can charge the monthly installments directly to your credit card, up to a maximum of 24 installments.

    This innovative system allows for remote financing, ideal for our customers abroad.




  • For over 20 years, Paypal has been the safest and most reliable way to make transitions and purchases without the need to share your financial data.

    Fast, simple and secure payments.




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