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For our customers


We will never tire of saying it: for us, the satisfaction of our customers comes first.

For this reason, the Spacewheel Team wishes to take care of its customers during all stages of the purchase: from choosing the machine that best suits your needs, to maintenance.

We would like to follow our products around the world, providing in addition to the Spacewheel warranty also assistance for assembly (where we can do it) and any spare parts.

We have also developed an online support service, an exercise manual and video advice on the assembly and use of tools.



All Spacewheel products and accessories can be shipped and delivered around the world through the best and most reliable express courier companies.

Nevertheless, whenever possible, we love to deliver and install our products directly, so as to be able to guarantee the best possible assembly quality.

However, we make available to all our customers, in addition to the instruction manual, also online support and videos for any need.


All Spacewheel products are tested according to our high quality standards.

All the components of our machines are also tested individually during all stages of assembly.

We guarantee our product and its components for two years, with the exception of the ropes and rubber bands which we recommend to change once a year if the average use of the machine is one hour a day.



The Spacewheel staff will assist you throughout the installation and assembly phase.

Video tutorials for assembly and replacement of components will be available on request.

A dedicated exercise manual will also be offered with the purchase of each machine.

All your requests will be handled directly by the staff, so as to be able to solve your doubts as quickly as possible.


In addition to the ropes and elastic bands (which we recommend replacing about once a year, depending on use), all components of Spacewheel products are covered by a warranty.

The company also guarantees the availability of all accessories and parts of the machinery, or in case of obsolescence of the parts with new backwards compatible components.

For any need, do not hesitate to contact us at the number indicated or via email.



We can be contacted at any time via email and WhatsApp, send us your photos, explain your needs and we will reply as soon as possible!

If you have any doubts about our products or their operation, do not hesitate to write to us, we will provide you with all the information you need.


With the purchase of a Spacewheel product, if necessary, you will have access to a complete video consultancy service regarding the assembly, use and maintenance of the machine.

In addition, you will receive a practical exercise booklet for free to consult every time you use the machine, wherever you are.

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